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Vehicles in Introduction Date Order

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1943 15cm Nebelwerfer 42 auf Schwere Wermachtschlepper SP Artillery
1943 2cm Flakvierling 36 auf Fahrgestell Zugkraftwagen 8t SP Anti Aircraft
1943 3.7cm Flak36 auf Fahrgestell Zugkraftwagen 8t SP Anti Aircraft
1943 3.7cm Flak 43 auf Schwere Wermachtschlepper SP Anti Aircraft
1943 Schwere Wermachtschlepper APC
1943 Sdkfz 4/1 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf Sf SP Artillery
1943 Sdkfz 4 Munitionskraftwagen fur Nebelwerfer Munitions
1943 Bergpanzer (Panther) SdKfz 179 Recovery
1943 Pz.Bef.Wg (Panther) SdKfz 267/268 Command
1943 PzKpfw V Ausf A (Panther) SdKfz 171 Heavy Tank
1943 PzKpfw V Ausf D2 (Panther) SdKfz 171 Heavy Tank
1943 10.5cm le.F.H 18/2 Gw II(A,B,C,F) SP Artillery
1943 SdKfz 164 8.8cm Pak 43/1 Gw III/IV SP Anti Tank
1943 SdKfz 165 15cm PzfH 18 Gw III/IV SP Artillery
1943 Panzerbeobachtungswagen III Artillery OP
1943 PzKpfw III Flammpanzer III Flame Thrower

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